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System Documents Generator

SyD enables easy and fast generation of rich PDF specifications from your Simulink® and Xcos models. SyD is very simple to use, yet packed with powerful features.


IDE for Model-Based Systems Design

MBDed is the first Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to support systems design based on Simulink® models. MBDed offers all the great features you would expect from an IDE: live validation of your models and dictionaries, automated dependency analysis, collaborative tools integration and much more.


PDF Documentation Packages Builder

BibAnt fully automates the generation of sleek, PDF-only documentation packages. BibAnt lets you easily compile hundreds of heterogeneous documents, just by executing a simple script.

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Who We Are?

We are system engineers. We used to work full-time on the control engineering of embedded systems. We've always been passionate about model-based design. First as simple users, we found ourselves often stuck when we wanted to base our entire development process on models. We started to develop solutions, more and more solutions, which ultimately leads to the creation of LeanPulse.

What We Do?

We provide innovative solutions to support your system developments. We deliver design tools and professional services to assist the modeling and development of embedded systems. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the modeling solutions and system development standards and we deeply rely on open source frameworks with large and vibrant community such as Eclipse to help you increase your productivity, yet at a competitive price.

How We Can Help?

We can help you lean your system developments and exploit the full potential of your models. We provide off-the-shelf solutions to enhance and ease your developments. And we will be more than happy to customize our existing products to meet your exact needs. We can even develop specific tools on request. We're also offering consulting services to help you optimize your development process.

Meet Our Customers.




JTEKT seamlessly exchanges their model-based designs between teams thanks to comprehensive PDF documents generated by our solution.

To co-develop their embedded systems, Renault needs to compile thousands of proprietary documents to portable documentation packages delivered to suppliers. Thanks to BibAnt, the entire process is implemented by a simple script.

Navistar's engineers split the development of their embedded software into a hierarchy of models. SyD enables them to generate the documentation for this hierarchy, describing their entire system, in a single click.

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