Standalone Applications & IDEs

The biggest open development platform to support your process.

We have a broad experience in integrated tool platforms dedicated to project and process centric concerns. Our team already successfully developed several integrated environments to enhance embedded systems developments based on models. We can help you define and implement a custom development environment dedicated to the support of your particular process.

To offer you the best solution and not charge you for any time spent trying to reinvent the wheel, we are relying on the Eclipse platform, the biggest open source development platform, as a base for all the standalone applications we develop. Furthermore, we take care of your legacy and can, for instance, seamlessly interface your application to MATLAB® and Simulink® to not change your design practices while getting the best from the Eclipse and MATLAB® worlds.

Eclipse-based Applications

Eclipse is a multi-language software development environment comprising an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and an extensible plug-in system. Eclipse supports in particular C/C++ developments and offers advanced collaborative features right out of the box. Moreover, Eclipse is free and open source.

LeanPulse can leverage most of the already existing and free Eclipse features to provide you with integrated solutions for your embedded developments at a very low cost. This can be achieved either by developing plug-ins to add specific features to an existing Eclipse-based application or by designing an entire IDE to support your specific process and files. Either way, we will always give you the benefit of our wide Eclipse experience to deliver the most effective solution according to your needs.

  • Integrated Development Environment

    We can help you embed your process in a single integrated development environment that will control your existing tool-chain. In the end, your engineers won't loose focus on their work by constantly switching from one tool to another. This will increase the productivity of your team while reducing the training time required for newcomers.

  • Connectivity & Productivity

    As a major IDE with a worldwide community supporting it, Eclipse offers a wide range of connectors and interfaces for most of the commonly used productivity tools (task management systems, version control systems, etc.). We will make you appreciate the benefits of this large community by leveraging those built-in features to make your custom tool perfectly fit in your enterprise environment.

  • Process Automation

    We can help you deeply fasten your developments by automating several steps of your process. For instance, we can implement automated checks of your models, directly triggered by file modifications or saves.

  • Custom Files Support

    Your process may rely on custom files with a specific format; we can provide dedicated parsers, editors and serializers. And if your files are based on text (that includes XML), we can implement advanced editors with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, validation and much more.

  • System and Software Developments in the Same Tool

    Eclipse already provides a fully functional C and C++ development environment and we can help you define and implement a custom IDE supporting both system and software developments.

MATLAB Connectivity

Even when we develop a standalone application, our aim remains to deliver to our customers a fully integrated development environment supporting their entire process as well as all the tools involved. For system developments, this includes most of the time a simulation and model-based design software, as the MATLAB® / Simulink® environment from Mathworks, the leading modelling solution in the industry. Therefore, we have developed a unique interface enabling your standalone application to control MATLAB® and Simulink®, making your models an integral part of your process.

  • Full Control over MATLAB

    Your custom application can start, execute any commands and stop one or several MATLAB® engines. We can even implement a feature to automatically launch a particular MATLAB® installation (if several versions installed on the same computer) and set all the required paths to your libraries and scripts depending on which project the user is currently working on.

  • Seamless Integration with Simulink

    Imagine a tool in which the user can click on an mdl file, triggering in the background the start of a MATLAB® engine, the opening of the model itself and even the docking of the opened Simulink® window in the host application, to finally only let the user think that everything is part of a single development environment. That's exactly the kind of solutions LeanPulse can deliver.

  • The Best of the Two Worlds

    By interfacing two main development environments, we give to your application the benefit of both worlds: the power of MATLAB® and Simulink® to easily design and simulate your system and the power of Eclipse to support, structure and automates your development process.

  • Licences Optimization

    By enabling your team to only execute MATLAB® when required, we indirectly offer you a solution to optimize the way your're sharing licences between users. Furthermore, as several steps of your development process might be directly supported by the standalone application itself, one user won't be completely stuck if no more licences are available at a given time.