MaleExtra Reviews: the best male enlargement pills

What is MaleExtra pills

This product is called a complete penis enlargement and enhancement system. There are two components: potent male enhancement supplement formula and enlargement exercises. Introduced at the beginning of 2010, Male Extra has became the number one rated and the best penis enlargement pills on the market providing consumers with a fantastic alternative to penis enlargement devices.

Do not buy any penis enlargement pills before you read this MaleExtra Reviews: the best male enlargement pills that will discuss about what is MaleExtra, does MaleExtra really work, how to use MaleExtra, MaleExtra consumer testimonials and how to order male enlargement Pills MaleExtra online.

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Does MaleExtra actually work

Well, this product is based on almost 10 years experience in this market and a full year of testing. Then there are many satisfied customers along with testimonials to support its effectiveness. Keep in mind that your results will be based on the time and effort you put into it. For maximum results, you should combine supplements, exercise program and penis extender together.

MaleExtra is not scam. The product comes from a legitimate manufacturer whom you can contact at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can safely order, and the billing is a one-time transaction. Shipping is for a small fee and orders can be sent internationally. There is real customer support either through submitting a ticket or by phone.

Are there any harmful ingredients

Many similar products do not list the ingredients on the packaging. MaleExtra discloses ingredients and strength in miligram. You will not find controversial and potentially dangerous ingredients. But of course be sure you use the product according to dosage and directions. More of a good thing is not always a good or safe. So avoid taking more than the recommended dosage. Remember that this product was tested for a year prior to public release. There are no known side effects reported by the manufacturer and customers.

MaleExtra contains natural and herbal ingredients as well as specific amino acids. The same considerations need to be addressed as you would do with any supplement containing natural or herbal ingredients. The manufacturer offers full disclosure of the ingredients. If you are concerned about the possibility of side effects, then satisfy yourself and perform any necessary research.

Below are the detail ingredients of MaleExtra:


This is one of the two main active ingredients in the MaleExtra pills. It is an amino acid which occurs naturally in the body. It works to boost the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, on the other hand, dilates the blood vessels in the penis. In this way, more blood is drawn to the penis when erection occurs. As a result, it becomes both longer and thicker.

Two different studies have shown that L-arginine can improve erectile performance in men including those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. One was published in 1999 in the online journal BJU International and the other one was published in 2003 in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. Many medical doctors specializing in men’s health agree that this compound is beneficial. L-arginine is perfectly safe for healthy men to take. Those who have medical problems such as heart disease and those taking medications should discuss its use with their doctor first.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic

For centuries, pomegranate has been associated with male fertility. Recent research has shown that this active ingredient of MaleExtra is effective for improving the erection as well. It helps boost male libido and testosterone and to improve the blood flow to the penis. It is considered to have a potent antioxidant effect and this contributes to the long-term health of the penis and the prostate. This is a 100% natural ingredient and it is not known to have any side effects.

Several research studies have shown that pomegranate 40% ellagic helps to improve the erection. One of the most recent ones was carried out at the University of Southern California in 2007. It included men suffering from erectile dysfunction. They were divided into two groups with one group taking the real treatment and the other one taking placebo. At the end of the study, 47% of the participants who used pomegranate reported improvement in their erection compared to 32% in the placebo group.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

This active ingredients helps to improve the blood flow to the penis as well. It is perfectly natural. It is naturally found in the human body as well as in the bodies of plants and animals. MSM has been widely used for improving circulation and has been proven to work. It has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. In this way, it can contribute greatly to penis and prostate health. It helps the cells to stay strong and to function normally. This ingredient is safe for use. It is not know to have any drug interactions.

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This is a type of organic acid found in the human body. It is interesting to note that creatine is one of the most popular supplement ingredients at present. It’s job in MaleExtra is to give you an energy boost which will help you enjoy great sex with your partner all night long. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of this ingredient.


This natural ingredient is a great stimulant. It will increase your sexual desire. It will give you much more energy in bed. It enhances stamina as well. This active ingredient of MaleExtra will help you to last longer and harder in bed all night long. Cordyceps does not have side effects on healthy people when used correctly. It may interact with certain medications. That is why you have to consult your doctor if you take any medicines.


This ingredient help boosts testosterone levels. As a result, you will have greater sexual desire and better sexual performance. It is beneficial for the functioning of the penis and the prostate and lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Zinc helps to improve sperm quality as well. It is safe to use.

MaleExtra dosage and direction to use

1 bottle Male Extra contains 90 pills for one month supply. By just taking 3 pills a day, the average increase in our customer’s erect penis size over a 3 – 6 month period was 0.8 – 2.6 inches.

Where to buy male enlargement pills MaleExtra online

There are various points to consider in buying decision. The product quality and customer service are the best on the market. The manufacturer is totally upfront about using supplements plus exercises to achieve results. Currently, the official website is the only place to purchase the product. You will see resources for support and their guarantees. You can also save money by taking advantage of many discount codes that can be found there.

There are four products of MaleExtra now. You can choose your desired product as your need. However, the official website gives you huge discounts if you buy more bottles of these pills at once. Here are the detail price of MaleExtra online :

produto Maleextra Melhor preço de oferta Compre agora
1 garrafa €66.38
Compre agora
4 garrafas + 2 garrafas + 2 Pro Erection Gel €457.65
Compre agora
3 garrafas + 1 garrafa + 1 Pro Erection Gel €324.89
Compre agora

The best place to buy male enlargement pills online is official website. Make sure to buy MaleExtra only from official websites. There are many copycats and ripoffs on the net, only official websites provide you a safe one-time billing, customer support, money-back guarantees, discounts and genuine products on top of that.

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MaleExtra consumer testimonial

I used to think my orgasms were pretty impressive, but I now know differently since taking MaleExtra. Originally all I hoped to achieve was a thicker longer penis, but now I am able to appreciate longer, intense orgasms which are powered by my increased ejaculate and harder penis. Toby Shire, Bouncer, USA, California on Increased orgasms.

I have never been one for using synthetic products, so when I heard about MaleExtra’s organic ingredients I was interested in trying it. To call it an aphrodisiac is an understatement. Within days of trying it my libido was bouncing off the walls and I could not wait to try out my firmer, harder, trained erections. The fact that I have managed to naturally boost my penis size by 2 inches is proof of how powerful this dual action system is. Mike Nolton, Herbalist, USA, Vermont on Better than Viagra